AfroŸ·curl·itan | ‘afrō kərl litn |  




1. Characteristic of or representing a chic African woman who boldly rocks her naturally kinky, curly, and/or coily hair.

2. Familiar with and at ease with sporting many natural and protective hairstyles: afros, twists, twist outs, braids, braid outs, bantu knot outs, updos, crotchet braids, wigs, weaves, etc.

3. Fully understands that she only has one life and it is her duty to live it as fully as possible.




After Didi and Judith moved back to Africa, they learned that many of their experiences, natural re-pats living in Africa, were very similar.  They created Afrocurlitan as a medium to share their knowledge about natural hair as well as document their lives in Nigeria and Ghana, respectively.


An Afrocurlitan who moved back to Nigeria from Washington, DC in June 2013.

She has been natural for almost seven years and is obsessed with all things associated with natural hair.

Loves her new life in Nigeria and wants to experience her journey with her.


An Afrocurlitan who moved back to Ghana from Washington, DC in September 2013.

She has been natural for ten years, loves to exchange information with other naturals and thinks natural hair should be a superpower.



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