Although I didn't watch the VMAs, I certainly caught all the highlights this morning.  Queen B slayed as usual, I lived for the dancehall portion of Rihanna's performance and Teyanna Taylor literally has me running to the gym after work.  When I saw photos of Beyonce on the red carpet with Blue Ivy, I though she looked adorable in her champagne gown and little braids.  

I was a little surprised to hear that people were upset that Blue had extensions.  I say to those people,

"Why you mad?"

"Is she your child?"

"Did you give birth her?"

"When will you let the baby breathe?"

"Why are you so invested in how her momma choose to style her hair?"

North West literally had the same hairstyle, with extensions, months ago and not a negative word was spoken.  So from now on, just leave Blue Ivy alone.  Let the toddler rest.  Allow her momma to take care of her hair as she pleases.  Keep your negative comments about other people's children to yourself.