Do you or someone you know have dry, dull, brittle and/or color-treated hair?  Have you tried solving that problem by slapping on hair care products that promise to moisturize your hair and still had no luck?  Then maybe you should think about deep conditioning your hair weekly.  

I know what you are thinking, "Didi, do I really have to deep condition my hair every week?!" 

Listen, if you are tired of your hair looking dry and busted you should give deep conditioning a shot.  You don't need to deep condition your hair every week, but at least try to do it twice a month.

Here are the top reasons why deep conditioning should ALWAYS be part of your hair care regimen: 

  1. ADDS MOISTURE TO YOUR HAIR - lets face it, most women with natural hair battle dryness on a day-to-day basis. That factor coupled with your use of styling tools (i.e. blow dryers, flat irons, etc.) and the change in seasons (either Dry Season, if you live close to the Equator, or Winter, if you live elsewhere), strips our hair of the little bit of moisture it already possesses. Deep conditioning treatments moisturizes your hair and the additional moisture plumps up your hair follicles, giving your hair a smoother, healthier appearance.  
  2. PROMOTES ELASTICITY - Dry hair tends to be brittle and prone to breakage.  Consistent deep conditioning treatments make your hair more elastic so that it can withstand all the manipulation you do to your hair through styling.
  3. PREVENTS BREAKAGE (MAJOR KEY ALERT!) -  If you are interested in maintaining the current length of your hair or growing it out to waist length or beyond, you better deep condition your hair girl!  Many naturals think there is a special, hidden formula to having long hair, but there simply isn't.  Most people don't have trouble growing out their hair, but they do have issues with maintaining their length.  Regular deep conditioning moisturizes your hair and promotes elasticity, so that your hair is less prone to breakage, so you maintain your length. 

If you are not convinced that regular deep conditioning will turn your hair around, just give it a try and I promise you'll see a difference.  I challenge all of my doubters, nay-sayers, or those who never thought about regular deep conditioning to give it a try.  I know this is a big ask, but just try it out.  Do it once a week for one month.  Prove me wrong if you like.  Let me know if you do or don't see a change in your hair.  Share your pictures here or on our Facebook page.

Are you interested in deep conditioning your hair but unsure about how to do it?  Don't worry, we got you!  Just look out for an instructional post over the next few days!