I have a love/hate relationship with shampoo.  For many years, especially when I first became natural, all shampoo was the enemy.  After months of thorough research and through various forms of trial and error, apple cider vinegar became my scalp cleansing champion while conditioner washing kept my locs soft and luxurious.  I hailed this power combo as the next best thing to shampoo and shouted their praises from every rooftop.  However, my wandering eye lead me to "greener" pastures and I soon found joy in African black soap and various natural clays.  However, over the last year, I have settled into a sweet scalp cleansing relationship with black soap, rhassoul clay and...(sulfate-free) shampoo!

In my nine years as a natural, the major lesson I've learned is to never count any product out.  That's why I made the following chart, so you, my fellow natural, can weigh the pros and cons of each product and choose what product(s) would suit you best.