"Wash Days" are the stuff of legend for every natural.  Prior to my big chop, I heard naturals complain about this dreaded "Wash Day" and how it typically took no less them 6 hours to completely wash their hair.  Naturally, once I was inducted into "Team Natural", I made sure my wash day met the 6-hour minimum.  My wash day included 2-hour pre-poo sessions, 1 - 3-hour deep conditioning sessions and detangle sessions which seemed to last a lifetime.  

Well after years of getting down with wash day marathon sessions, I got tired of that 'ish! The "6-hour Wash Day" was cancelled and the "2-hour Wash Day" was born.  Some of you may be thinking, "there is no way this girl with her mid-back length hair is only spending 2 hours washing her hair!" and all I have to say is, "yes girl, it only takes me 2 hours because ain't nobody got time sit down for six whole hours just to wash their hair!"  So here is how I have whittled my wash day down to 2 hours:


1. Pre-Poo Boo!  The first thing I do when I wash my hair is pre-poo. In this stage, I section my hair off into six even sections (that are loosely braided) and then spray the pre-poo solution from the tip of my hair up to the root, ensuring that each section of my hair is completely saturated in the pre-poo solution. This allows me to not only infuse moisture into my hair, prior to washing it, but detangle my hair, as well, thus killing two lovely birds with one stone!  Click here for my pre-poo recipe.  *NOTE: I keep my hair stretched at all times, so when wash day rolls around, the detangling process only takes me 30 minutes.

2. Fingers First, Brush Second. Once I spray on the pre-poo solution, I spend about 20 minutes finger detangling each section of my hair. Then, I gently use a tangle teezer brush to further detangle my hair. The brush must be used from the very tip of your hair up to the root. If you start brushing your hair from the middle, you will extend your wash day because you will cause your hair to tangle even more. TIP: always detangle your hair one section at a time. Once you have finished detangling one section, loosely braid it and move on to the next section. Washing your hair in loosely braided sections will ensure that your hair does not get tangled as you shampoo and deep condition your hair.

3. Sulfate-free is the Way to Be.  Once my hair is completely detangled, I shampoo my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Unlike traditional shampoos, sulfate-free shampoos will cleanse your hair without stripping them of much needed moisture. The only thing is that most sulfate-free shampoos don't lather and that shouldn't bother you. The reason most traditional shampoos lather is because they contain sulfates and those cute bubbles you think are getting your hair clean are making your hair dry and hard. TIP: only apply shampoo to your scalp. There is no need to apply shampoo to the length of your hair. When you massage the shampoo into your scalp and rinse it off, the shampoo that runs down the rest of your hair will sufficiently clean it.

4. Rice, Rice, Rice it UP! (Optional Step) - Once I have completely rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, I pour a fermented rice water mix throughout my hair and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it out. People claim that fermented rice water promotes hair growth and since it was pretty easy to incorporate into my haircare routine, I added it in to see if it works. P.S. the verdict is still out on whether the rice water has significantly increased my hair growth but I always give myself a 6 to 8-month trial period for growth supplements.

5. Deep Conditioning is the Key to Great Hair! After rinsing out the fermented rice water, I apply a deep conditioner to my hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes. I have written an in-depth post about the benefits of deep conditioning, so click here to find out why you can't EVER skip this step!

6. - 8. Moisturise with the L.O.C. After I have washed out my hair, I moisturise it using the L (Liquid). O (Oil). C (Cream). Method. First, I spray my leave-in conditioner on each section of hair until my hair is completely saturated. Then, I apply my favourite oil to my hair from the scalp to the tip. Finally, I apply shea butter from the tip of my hair upwards but I do not apply it to my scalp so it won't clog up my pores.

9. Eco Styler for Everything! (Optional Step) Alright, I am OBSESSED with Eco Styler gel. I use it after I moisturise my hair to help me define my twists and braid outs. It is also great for slicking down my edges since edge control has never worked for me.

How long does it take you to wash your hair? Are there any steps in my current routine that you plan on incorporating into your own routine?