I don't do this often, but I was so annoyed by a tweet I saw yesterday that I felt I had to write a mini-rant.  One of my male friend's (who shall not be named) re-tweeted a question posed by one of his friends.  The tweet asked men if they would leave their girlfriends if they big chopped.  Every single man who responded to that tweet stated that they would.  Although I know this is a small cross-section of men and they probably don't represent the majority, I couldn't help but feel annoyed and disappointed.  Listen, I'm not a natural hair Nazi who thinks that men don't have a right to have a preference, but I do think it's incredibly shallow to leave a partner over a couple of inches of hair.

I know, from my own personal experience, how vulnerable a woman can feel after a big chop.  When I cut off my hair ten years ago I made sure that I always had on makeup (eyeliner, at the very least), never left home without earrings and was decked out in ruffles and floral prints in order to avoid looking like a "boy".  Despite my best efforts to exude femininity, there were just days when I didn't feel...attractive.  Women with short natural hair rarely graced the covers of magazines and there were next-to-none on the TV screen.  Even when I happened to catch a music video on MTV, women with twa's were never the love interests of my favorite singers/rappers.

As much as I hate to admit this, I did wondered how I would be embraced by men, especially black man, if I rocked a teeny weeny 'fro.  I didn't even tell the guy that I was dating at the time that I planned on cutting my hair, so I was especially afraid of how he would react (btw, he loved my twa).  Unfortunately, there are men in this world who value their significant other's outer appearance above anything else. 

Has your boyfriend/husband/lover ever threatened to leave you or left you because you chose to cut off your hair?